Public Support Grows For Border Wall To Fight Migrant Surge

A recent survey by Fox News shows 57% of registered voters support building a border wall. This percentage is a 7% increase from the previous poll held in 2015.

The migrant crisis is surging across the United States. The southern border is no longer the only area feeling the impact of the heavy increase in population.

Major cities, like New York City, are feeling the true impact of what a migrant surge is. The area is now seeing an increase in crime and a decrease in funding, as well as housing and benefit programs to combat the surge.

The Biden administration has stood firm against a border wall, citing that the wall was anti-immigrant and a MAGA ideal. The Biden administration has also stood firm with an open border policy.

In recent months, several Democratic cities have called on the Biden administration for federal assistance. These cities claim the large amount of migrants to the area is causing housing shortages as well as hurting the cities financially.

Several cities have also stated they have no room for migrants and no funding for migrants. In addition, several cities are also saying that the migrant surge is causing an increase in health issues, such as a recent rise in tuberculosis.

These issues can only be ignored for so long. The Biden administration has finally announced they will begin building the border wall.

The announcement is receiving much support from both Republicans and Democrats. The issue with building the wall is how soon will it start.

If the wall is not built soon, the border states will continue to see a surge of migrants. With the flu season arriving, the surge of unvaccinated migrants and migrants with no recent health checks can cause a surge of flu and other illnesses.

The dangers of the migrant surge are far more far-reaching than some people may like to think. With more citizens backing the border wall, there may be a more significant push to close the borders and prevent the migrant population from overtaking the United States economy and criminal justice system.

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