President Biden And Wife Mocked After Posting Picture of Themselves Decorating Christmas Tree

President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, are getting roasted after they posted a picture of themselves putting the finishing touch to their Christmas tree decoration. The image showed Biden climbing a ladder by the tree with a bowl in hand while his wife was standing by the ladder.

“Just a few finishing touches! Hope you and your loved ones are having a great Christmas Eve,” the Bidens wrote along with the picture posted on Christmas eve.

While the Bidens posted the picture expecting a positive response on social media, the mood and reaction of those who engaged with the Twitter post differed.

One user, who commented on the timing of the decoration, complained that his family could not join him for the festivities because Biden did not drop the vaccine requirements for foreign nationals.

“You left it as late as you have decorating the tree,” the user added.

Another user remarked on the placement of the tree while noting that it violated a fire code because it was placed in front of the door. The user insinuated that Biden wouldn’t know about the code violation as he “doesn’t even know what century this is.”

“What’s the mixing bowl for,” one user said while another asked if the president was whisking eggs in the bowl.

One user hilariously responded with a picture of 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with a wing saying, “I speak for America when I say this Hillary Clinton tree-topper should be on that tree.”

Biden also got into hot water on Christmas Eve after he declined to take the traditional phone calls from children about Santa’s whereabouts on Christmas Eve. Instead, Jill took the calls for her husband.

The White House did not give an official explanation as to why the president did not make the calls. However, The Daily Mail tied the president’s refusal to make the call to an incident that occurred at the event last year.

While Biden was speaking to a child on Christmas eve in 2021, a parent shouted, “Let’s Go Brandon” over the phone. That phrase is a code for insulting Biden.

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