Non-Binary Biden Official Accused Of Stealing Luggage Again

Sam Brinton, an official of the Biden administration’s Energy Department (DOE), has been accused of stealing luggage for the second time.

Brinton, who identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, was accused of stealing a suitcase valued at $2,325 from the baggage claim at Minneapolis St. Paul Airport on September 16. They were seen on surveillance footage at the airport that day with the stolen suitcase despite not checking a bag.

The following month, they were spotted in surveillance footage at Washington Dulles airport with the stolen suitcase. Brinton initially denied taking the luggage but has since admitted to it, claiming they thought it was theirs.

They were charged in Nov. for the felony and placed on leave from the DOE following the charge.

It seems Brinton, one of the federal government’s first non-binary officials, has “a thing” for designer luggage and just can’t quit it.

News broke on Thursday that Las Vegas had issued an arrest warrant for Brinton. The charge cited grand larceny with a value between $1,200 and $5,000 for luggage stolen from Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas. Details on the charge are scarce.

Brinton has yet to be fired by the Biden administration, although some Republicans are calling for them (Brinton) to step down. GOP lawmakers wrote a letter to Energy Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm calling for Brinton’s resignation.

“Brinton’s actions, along with your Department’s lack of transparency when dealing with this matter, reflect poorly on the Department of Energy, and they raise concern as to the Biden Administration’s priorities when appointing high-ranking officials.,” the letter read.

The letter, signed by 16 Republicans, asked the department to provide a “fully transparent response no later than December 20, 2022.”

Tulsi Gabbard, former congresswoman and Fox News contributor, shared her thoughts on the matter on-air with Jesse Watters of Fox News.

Gabbard noted that situations such as this are part of the reason she left the Democratic Party.

“We have people who are hired or fired based on these superficial, so-called identities,” she shared.

Brinton’s hiring in particular is one of many examples of the left choosing individuals based on the inclusion of radical ideologies rather than the content of character.

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