Newsom Visits Southern Border A Week After Biden Says He Won’t

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) took a trip to the southern border to point fingers at republicans for the disastrous border situation.

Newsom, the governor of a state filled with crime, debauchery, homelessness, and some of the country’s most stringent COVID rules, went to assess the situation and give his expert advice.

The border crisis has been progressively getting worse — just like the governor — with some of the largest numbers of immigrants crossing over the border just this week.

Fox News correspondent and border expert Bill Melugin reported on Monday that over 1000 immigrants crossed over the El Paso, TX border Sunday night, making it the largest single group ever seen.

The statistics he shared are downright scary:

“NEW: The Chief of U.S. Border Patrol reports there have been over 16,000 migrant encounters at the border in the last 48 hours. That’s an average of 8,000 per day. Former Obama DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson once said 1,000 in a day would be a ‘crisis’. We are 8x that right now,” he tweeted.

Newsom said in a video on Monday that he crossed the border and met with local officials, international humanitarian leaders and migrants.

“Here just to get an understanding, a deeper understanding, of what the world looks like pre-Title 42 and what it likely is going to look like in a few weeks post-Title 42,” Newsom said.

Gavin Newsom torched over border visit: ‘Shame on all of them’

Title 42 was implemented under the Trump administration but is set to expire and send an even greater influx of immigrants into the country.

While on his visit, Newsom criticized the federal government for not providing enough funding and put the blame on the Republican Party and conservatives for politicizing the situation.

Newsom’s visit follows President Biden said last week that he wouldn’t visit the border while he was in a border state because there were “more important things going on.”

Many have speculated that Newsom may have his eye on a 2024 presidential run although he has publicly stated he won’t run against Biden.

Newsom’s financial failures, crime-filled streets, and insanely radical policies makes him the least likely to be giving sound advice on how to handle the crisis.

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