New Terror Threat Warning Amid Election Tensions

With the 2024 election looming, national security experts Michael Morell and Graham Allison have issued a stark warning about a possible terrorist attack. In an article for Foreign Affairs, the former acting CIA director and defense policy analyst stated that “the terrorism warning lights are blinking red again,” drawing comparisons to the months leading up to the September 11, 2001, attacks.

Morell and Allison pointed to recent statements by FBI Director Christopher Wray and CENTCOM Commander Gen. Erik Kurilla, which echo the pre-9/11 warnings given by then-CIA Director George Tenet. They stressed that while some past warnings have not resulted in attacks, they should not be ignored. The authors argued that the fluctuating level of terrorism alerts often correlates with actual risk and that proactive government responses can prevent potential threats.

The experts urged President Joe Biden to initiate a comprehensive counterterrorism campaign to address the emerging threat. They suggested that Congressional intelligence committees convene hearings with leaders from the National Intelligence, CIA, FBI, and National Counterterrorism Center to candidly assess the situation. Morell and Allison believe that a terrorist attack is preventable but caution against complacency.

Despite these dire warnings, skepticism remains. Axios reported that repeated alerts since 9/11 have not always led to attacks, and terrorism has faded as a primary national concern. Critics, including Alexander Nowrasteh from the Cato Institute, argue that the warnings lack substantial evidence to support them.

Morell’s credibility is further questioned due to his role in the Hunter Biden laptop controversy. In 2020, Morell was among the intelligence officials who dismissed the laptop story as “Russian disinformation,” a stance they maintained even after its authenticity was confirmed. This background has led some to question the motives behind Morell’s current warnings.

As the election approaches, the interplay between national security concerns and political dynamics intensifies. Whether the warnings will result in significant preventive measures or be viewed as politically motivated remains uncertain. However, the call for vigilance and a strong response highlights the ongoing need to protect the nation from potential threats.

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