Nebraska GOP Chairman Pulls Endorsement Of Ronna McDaniel For RNC Chair

The chair of the Nebraska Republican Party has decided he will no longer be endorsing the bid of current RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

“At this time, I rescind my endorsement of Chairwoman McDaniel,” Nebraska Republican Party Chairman Eric Underwood wrote Monday, adding that he will “not make any further public endorsement for any leadership level at the RNC.”

“Furthermore,” he continued, “I have decided to bring the question of RNC Leadership to a vote of the elected members of the Nebraska Central Committee at our January 21st meeting. I will present a vote to the 166 SCC members as to their desire for RNC Chair & I will represent the will ‘of the people’ as such.”

McDaniel has proven to be very unpopular among the conservative voter base following a dismal performance by Republicans during the 2022 midterm elections.

A video uploaded to McDaniel’s own YouTube channel featuring McDaniel discussing the GOP’s prospects of taking the House with a CNN reporter garnered a large amount of backlash.

“Gave a lot of money to the RNC and their candidates the last 5 years,” one user wrote.

“I sent Ronna a note with my last donation and said that ‘you’ had better not f–k this up. They did, not another dime for them until they fire Ronna and a few others.”

“So Ronna is now taking donations for Uncle Mitt’s 2024 Senate run,” joked another.

“Ronna – time for you to resign,” commented another defector.

“Let me be clear, if these next six weeks before our RNC 2023 Winter Meeting are about publicly declaring sides, earning favor, & the ‘loyalty’ to any leadership, OR choosing to fight for the people of Nebraska…I chose the people of Nebraska,” Underwood said in his letter.

The Nebraska GOP chair additionally promised that he will put forth strong effort into “the building of the County Party’s from the ground up.”

“I’ll spend my time as Chairman on the leaders of Nebraska & getting them the resources they need to never let power or relational politics take over the NEGOP again,” he wrote.

The Post Millenial noted that Underwood has for a long time tried to be a unifying figure in Nebraskan politics.

Underwood’s decision to no longer endorse McDaniel has captured the attention of some prominent conservative voices, including well-known political activist Scott Presler.

Presler himself has expressed support for conservative lawyer Harmeet Dhillon to assume the position.


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