NBC Under Fire For Letting Go Of Reporter

Weeks ago, NBC News reporter Miguel Almaguer released a rather telling story connected to the attack on Paul Pelosi.

According to Almaguer’s report, Pelosi opened the door to law enforcement while David DePape, his attacker, was in the home. Rather than the House Speaker’s husband running away from DePape, he moved further into his own home. This happened before Pelosi wound up engaging in a scuffle with DePape, per the report.

However, it did not take long for NBC News to pull this story. The network then fired Almaguer and claimed his report was not in alignment with company guidelines.

The way NBC went about handling Almaguer’s report and terminating him now has the network under fire.

A Horrible Look for NBC News
Due to the network’s actions, many Americans believe it has something to hide.

On Fox News, former intelligence officer Buck Sexton sounded off against NBC’s handling of Almaguer. Sexton said this stands as an example of activism where partisanship matters more than the truth.

He likewise told Fox News that the American people are getting a good look at the malpractice that passes for journalism these days. As it turns out, the former intelligence officer’s views are shared by much of the country.

NBC’s antics are actually a reminder of why so many Americans, to this day, do not trust the mainstream media. The network’s refusal to provide a true account for why Almaguer’s story was taken down comes despite an unnamed source backing up the reporter’s account.

Stranger Than Fiction?
NBC News’ apparent coverup arrives while more strange details continue to come out in relation to both Pelosi and DePape.

Earlier this month, San Francisco law enforcement reported that someone posing as an ICE agent tried to visit the jail where DePape is being held. Despite sharing this information with the public, San Francisco police did not release the name of the poser or reveal how the poser was ultimately dealt with.

The many questions to this day —- regarding the logistics of this attack and why the Pelosis’ security detail did not prevent it from happening — remain unanswered.

The numerous holes in this story, nevertheless, are not stopping Democrats from making the Paul Pelosi attack an indictment against all conservatives.

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