Musk’s ‘Prosecute/Fauci’ Tweet Sends The Left Over The Edge

As the left tries desperately to convince the world that the Twitter Files are nothing-burgers, Twitter CEO Elon Musk keeps serving whoppers.

In his latest whopper, he sent the left into a full-blown meltdown as he suggested that one of the left’s gods, Anthony Fauci, should be prosecuted and he managed to take a dig at pronoun users at the same time.

“My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci,” his tweet stated.

His tweet has garnered more than one million likes so far and has many people guessing that the next Twitter Files edition will shed light on the strict COVID speech restrictions that Twitter imposed up until Musk took over.

Former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, who is also a super-sized liberal, asked Musk to leave the LGBTQ community alone and then shared his admiration for Dr. Fauci:

“@elonmusk Elon, please don’t mock and promote hate toward already marginalized and at-risk-of-violence members of the #LGBTQ+ community. They are real people with real feelings. Furthermore, Dr Fauci is a dedicated public servant whose sole motivation was saving lives.”

Musk responded by saying:

“I strongly disagree. Forcing your pronouns upon others when they didn’t ask, and implicitly ostracizing those who don’t, is neither good nor kind to anyone. As for Fauci, he lied to Congress and funded gain-of-function research that killed millions of people. Not awesome imo.”

He certainly didn’t hold back any of his opinions (or perhaps, insider knowledge) and a good portion of the world is rejoicing that free speech is alive and well on Twitter again.

For years, the left had the luxury of only seeing things on Twitter that aligned with their worldview and ideology. Now that Musk has opened up the platform to have both sides of the story told, it’s put a spin on Twitter that they can’t handle.

Fauci praise abounds from the left following the release of the deposition against the Biden administration and public officials over allegations of social media and government collusion to suppress and censor COVID speech.

During his interview, Fauci repeatedly (174 times) said he “couldn’t recall” information and wouldn’t comment on if people should be allowed to voice opinions on social media that he believed could be harmful to the public. It was also revealed that his daughter worked at Twitter as an engineer.

Republicans have vowed to investigate Fauci once they take over the House in January. Fauci has said he will cooperate with any investigations.

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