Musk Enrages Leftists By Applying Twitter Rules Equally

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk continues to confound leftist radicals by applying the same rules across the board. No longer does the social media giant randomly weed out conservative voices, and its practice of allowing the most vile speech by liberals is quickly winding down.

The gall of the new Twitter CEO apparently has no bounds.

When we were children, most of us were taught that everyone should be treated equally. That was back when the goal of ending racism and other destructive social ills centered on being “colorblind” and practicing a fair play.

Not so much anymore. The left now prefers an unbalanced playing field, and nowhere is that more apparent than in Twitter’s virtual town square.

Musk, the self-described “free speech absolutist,” expressed his belief that “far left San Francisco/Berkeley views” have been spread across the globe through Twitter moderation.

In one highly publicized move, the new Twitter leader banned the @hoot_little account for threatening several conservative voices. The user said those they disagreed with “should have to fear for their lives more.”

This is a suspension for an actual threat, not simply political speech that the left finds uncomfortable.

Another example was the recent incident involving “Transgender Storytime for Kids” in Denton, Texas. When an armed local Antifa group showed up to protect the groomers, they were permanently suspended by the social media platform for Hateful Conduct.

A pair of threatening tweets posted from the club led to the suspension.

The left predictably exploded over this banning of “antifascist accounts” while conservative ones are being reinstated. They accused Musk of favoring voices such as former President Donald Trump and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

What the CEO’s critics ignore is that neither posted armed pictures of themselves making threats to others.

Musk responded with an obvious truth, noting that there had not been “one permanent ban on even the most far-left account spouting utter lies.”

He added Wednesday that the platform is working to level the playing field and that there will be “no more thumb on the scale.”

At one time, the concept of a level playing field was the goal of American liberals and virtually anyone with a sense of justice. That goal, as clearly illustrated with Twitter, has been abandoned and replaced with one that favors only certain groups and stifles the voices of opposing views.

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