Musk Asks Twitter Users Whether To Reinstate President Trump

Since Elon Musk first set his sights on taking control of Twitter, the left has been having a perpetual meltdown, exploding with Elon Musk’s reformation of Twitter continues to make news on a daily, often hourly, basis. He has changed the platform’s policies regarding banning accounts for various reasons and has notably reinstated famous users including Dr. Jordan Peterson and the Babylon Bee.

Of course, the account status most people are interested in is the verified account of President Donald Trump which was banned from Twitter and virtually all other social media platforms shortly before he left the White House in January 2021.

As always, Trump is a flashpoint of controversy for Democrats and the compliant corporate media. Rather than spend time investigating the unprecedented fraud apparently undertaken by cryptocurrency exchange FTX and former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, Democrats wrote this week to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) demanding an investigation into Musk’s purchase and management of Twitter.

Musk ridiculed Democrats for their efforts to turn the FTC gaze upon him.

Regarding President Trump, Musk used a longstanding Twitter feature to post a user poll on Friday about his account.

The early votes registered on Friday had the “yes” vote up by around 20 percentage points when just over 3 million responses had been recorded. By late Friday evening, progressives and liberals appeared to catch wind of the poll, and the “no” votes began to catch up.

By Saturday afternoon, the vote stood at 52.3% saying “yes” and 47.7% saying “no.” Amazingly, more than 12 million votes were recorded with more than 7 hours left until the poll closed. If Musk knows anything about his new company, it is how to drive traffic.

In a reply post attached to the poll, Musk wrote “Vox Populi, Vox Dei.” That Latin phrase dates to the 18th century in English political usage and translates to “The voice of the people is the voice of God.”

President Trump owns Truth Social and has said that while he supports Musk in his efforts to rebuild Twitter, he would not return to the platform even if he is reinstated.

Musk also issued a simple “no” as a reply to a post asking if he intended to reinstate the account of Alex Jones, the provocative media figure who has recently been in the news because of his ongoing trial for defamation of the families of the child victims of the Sandy Hook massacre.

The outspoken Jones said that he understands and even agrees with Musk’s decision not to reinstate his account. He asked conservative users to stand by Musk as he deals with immense pressure from corporate media and mainstream politicians to not open Twitter up to true free speech.

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