Morgan: ‘Why Can’t I Identify As A Black Lesbian?’

The primary question of 2023 appears to be if a man can become a woman just by saying he is one. British television host Piers Morgan took it a step further this week and asked why he can’t identify as a Black lesbian.

He was joined on his program, “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” by TV commentator and author Angelica Malin. The guest argued that anyone may become a woman simply by self-identifying as a woman.

Morgan then asked the logical question, “Why can’t I identify as a Black lesbian?”

Malin retreated to the argument that the question was “absurd,” as if having biological males become female just by claiming to be so is not already absurd. Morgan, to his credit, noted that the door to that claim is already open.

Recalling the assertion that the ability to make those claims is “limitless,” the host asked why that door was closed to him. Malin, however, insisted that his position “ridicules trans people.”

Morgan added that he has respect for those who undergo surgeries to change gender and therefore are truly “transgender.” He qualified this observation by saying there is no way for a person to truly change the gender they were born into.

However, he withheld respect from those who simply announce one day that they have swapped genders.

At that point, these biological males demand women’s rights and the opportunity to dominate true female competitors in athletics. As Morgan put it, the world has come to “mediocre” male athletes “transitioning” and then “crushing women.”

This is not the host’s first foray into the minefield of men thinking they are women and insisting that everyone else play along. A vulgar exchange ensued in May when Morgan debated a transgender activist on his program.

At that point, he disputed the validity of biological males competing in women’s sports. The activist then claimed that most biological women do not care about the presence of trans women in female sports, and the argument escalated from there.

At another time, Morgan suggested that he identified as a “two-spirit penguin.”

The sentiment is spreading. On Wednesday’s International Women’s Day, First Lady Jill Biden presented an International Women of Courage Award to a biological male at the White House.

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