Minority Voters Voice Support For Trump At Packed Bronx Rally

Former President Donald Trump’s rally in the Bronx on Thursday attracted a diverse crowd, with many Black and Latino supporters expressing their approval of his policies despite allegations of “racist” rhetoric.

NBC News reporter Dasha Burns, who attended the event, said she was surprised to find that many of the Trump supporters she spoke with were immigrants themselves who agreed with the former president’s tough stance on illegal immigration.

“Their point is, ‘Look, I did it the right way. I came here legally,'” Burns said during an MSNBC appearance on Friday. “And especially those living in New York right now, the sentiment I heard from a lot of voters was, ‘We have these immigrants right now that the city is taking care in a way that I’ve never felt taken care of by this city.'”

Burns also noted that the supporters she interviewed were more focused on economic issues and the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border than any controversial statements made by Trump in the past.

When Burns attempted to press some attendees about Trump’s allegedly “racist” and “bigoted” remarks, they dismissed her concerns, stating that they prioritized his actions and what he could do for their community over his words.

The rally, which drew an estimated 25,000 people, was the first time a presidential nominee campaigned in the Bronx since Ronald Reagan over 40 years ago. Trump vowed to “turn New York City around” and bring safety, success, and prosperity back to the city.

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