Migrants Threaten And Batter Chicago Police

Chicago’s 12th police district issues arrests during the past week for threats and battery made to Chicago police officers. The incidents began Tuesday morning and continued throughout the day.

On Tuesday morning, a 20 year old migrant named Juan Marquez Vielma made threats to an officer. Vielma was arrested the same day for trespassing. Several hours later a 20 year old migrant female — Ana Rondon — was arrested for allegedly battering an officer and fleeing the scene.

On Wednesday morning, two more migrants were arrested for behavioral related charges.

Threats, battery, and trespassing have become commonplace charges against migrants in the Chicago area. With increasing numbers of migrants arriving daily, it is nearly impossible for the police departments to maintain any records on the offenders coming into the area.

Undocumented and untraceable are going hand in hand when it comes to migrant criminal behavior.

The push by democrats to have migrants moved to locations throughout the country, without the state or city consent has hit an all time high. AG News Live posted a video of police stations across Chicago that are overrun with migrants.

These migrants are housed in the stations where officers have faced threats and violent acts by members of the migrant communities.

Local news broadcasters, including CWB Chicago are reporting that the migrant issue is not just migrants against officers. The issue has spread to infighting. Migrants housed inside of various precincts are reporting violent acts and threats being made to them as well.

“Chicago police are investigating after a migrant living in the lobby of the Near West (12th) District police station was threatened with a knife, beaten, and knocked unconscious, possibly by rival migrants who live in a nearby park,” said CWB.

The migrant issue sees no clear signs of going away any time soon. In addition to simply not having the proper funding to house migrants, many states are citing they can not take the liability of the violence.

Migrants are undocumented, may have long standing criminal backgrounds, and could be giving a false name. All of these issues add up to danger for citizens.

The migrant crisis is fast becoming a violent issue that makes states no longer willing to offer sanctuary as an option.

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