Media Organizations Refuse To Return Pulitzer Prizes After Durham Report

The New York Times and Washington Post refused to return their Pulitzer Prizes for spreading the lie that former President Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election.

With the recent release of the Durham Report debunking nearly every aspect of the Russia Collusion allegation and proving that such allegations were politically motivated, there have been several calls for the left-leaning outlets to return their Pulitzers.

The Daily Mail asked the New York Times and Washington Post if they would return their Pulitzers. The Times did not respond, while The Post said it “stands by its reporting.”

“Of course, the Post stands by its lies. Like the New York Times and CNN, the lies were the point. Why would the Post or Times return a fake Pulitzer for lying? Why would CNN retract its lies when the point of the lies stands: work with the FBI to formulate a coup against a sitting president?” Breitbart News reported.

When outlets retract or return Pulitzers, they confirm they did something wrong with their reporting.

“The Times, Post, and CNN will never admit to doing anything wrong because, in their corrupt eyes, they did nothing wrong. Spreading bald-faced lies to rid the country of Trump is seen by the corporate media as virtuous, not shameful,” Breitbart News added.

Like Breitbart News, Sen Lindsey Graham (R-SC) argued that both The Washington Post and New York Times should return their Pulitzers for their coverage of the Trump-Russia collusion investigation of 2018.

Graham said the investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia “was used to get a warrant against an American citizen to turn his life upside down and create a cloud of the Trump presidency and try to deny him the presidency.”

“And I think the Pulitzer Prize given to The Washington Post and New York Times should be taken back because the entire episode was politically motivated ‘crap.’ That’s not something you should get a Pulitzer Prize for,” he added.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Justice (DOJ) rushed to investigate Trump’s 2016 campaign despite lacking evidence.

According to Special Counsel John Durham’s final report on the investigation into alleged Trump-Russia collusion, there was a “notable departure” from the FBI and DOJ’s efforts in investigating former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

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