Mayor Bass Orders Increase In Police Presence On LA Metro After Attacks

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass has ordered an immediate surge in law enforcement personnel on the city’s Metro system following a series of violent incidents including fatal stabbings. Bass, who also chairs the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, said she would introduce a motion at the next board meeting to formalize the increased police presence.

“The spike in violent crime on Metro that we have recently seen against operators and riders has been absolutely unacceptable,” Bass said during a news conference on Thursday. She emphasized the need for immediate action to ensure the safety of Angelenos across the county.

The recent string of attacks includes the fatal stabbing of a 66-year-old woman on a train and an incident involving a bus driver who was left pleading for help. These high-profile crimes have raised concerns about the safety of commuters on the Metro system.

In addition to the surge in law enforcement Bass’s upcoming motion will call for the establishment of a unified command system among the various agencies policing the Metro. It will also require functional cellular service in all underground stations to ensure passengers can quickly contact authorities if needed.

However, some critics like the Alliance for Community Transit argue that increased policing is not the solution. The group’s director Laura Raymond pointed out that despite spending over $1.1 billion on law enforcement in the past seven years Metro has not achieved a safe and enjoyable system.

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