Marxist Maryland Teacher Brags About Indoctrinating School Kids

A Bethesda, Maryland teacher has gone viral after Fox News reported on multiple TikTok videos where she brags about “indoctrinating” kids and even pushes for a violent revolution against capitalism.

The Marxist instructor, Rebeca F. Rothstein, who teaches at North Bethesda Middle School in the Washington, D.C. area and describes herself as “proud as f*** to be liberal,” apparently deleted her TikTok account after Fox News reached out to her for comment.

However, even with her TikTok now deleted, numerous quotes from Rothstein’s unhinged commentary have surfaced on the internet, including segments about the violent Black Lives Matter riots that left cities burning across the country, and stole the livelihoods of small business owners.

“There are so many a******* in my comments saying, ‘What about all the burning of the buildings, and the looting and the rioting,” the Marxist said in a TikTok clip.

“Why do you care more about buildings than human lives? It’s like you’re stomping around, being like, ‘All buildings matter.’ No, no, they don’t,” she continued.

Rothstein also endorsed the idea of “skipping” math and science in order to teach young, impressionable kids about radical “anti-racism” ideologies.

“As a teacher I wish we could do more with our students like teach anti-racism and how to be kind people. Does anyone else feel like… we can skip the math, skip the science, like we’ll do that next year. Maybe this year we focus on teaching our youth how to be anti-racist,” she suggested.

Rothstein also claimed that she was able to “un-brainwash” herself from the capitalist ideology and has since ‘fallen in love’ with communism, and even endorsed violent revolts in order to achieve a leftist society.

“I had to un-brainwash myself from capitalism in order to fall in love with socialism and communism,” Rothstein reportedly said.

“Capitalism must go,” she said, before adding, “revolutions involve violence.”

According to Fox News, the school district has declined to comment on the matter thus far.

“Woke” teachers like Rothstein are becoming more and more common in America, even in red states such as Florida where legislation limiting radical “anti-racist” ideologies is in effect.

A Dunedin High School teacher in Florida suggested recently on his TikTok that he might break the state’s laws in order to teach woke ideologies.

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