Local Action Remains Key To Countering Globalists’ Rising Influence

As we near the second half of the decade, a seismic shift in societal norms and global governance looms large. The buzzword “Great Reset,” a proposition by the United Nations for a global transformation set to roll out in 2030, has rung alarm bells for conservatives nationwide. They fear this shift signals a veer toward globalist control, dismantling the American way of life and subsuming our values under the banner of “wokeness.”

This idea might sound unbelievable to those dismissing it as a conspiracy theory. Still, if we rewind the societal tape to seven years ago, it’s worth noting the radical transformations that have already occurred. As conservatives, we’ve witnessed a groundswell of ideological extremism, championed by progressives as being inclusive but revealing its threat to the very fabric of our society.

The transformation hasn’t been limited to issues surrounding gender identity. Still, it has taken root in the realms of race, genderism and climate change. Seemingly harmless terms like “woke” and “inclusivity” have been weaponized to foster division, not to enhance societal understanding.

The woke mentality has also penetrated the corporate world, with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategies now par for the course. Instead of neutralizing power, these strategies are used to centralize it in the hands of an elite few. Big companies can afford to comply with woke regulations, eliminating competition and stifling entrepreneurship, the very lifeblood of our nation.

Such a drastic societal shift over seven years leads to the question: what will the next seven bring?

The dystopian reality proposed by the globalist socialists is not an inevitable outcome. Indeed, at this critical juncture, we must turn to local action to combat this rising wave of globalism and wokeness.

The heart of this local action lies in our school boards and community governance. By actively participating in these organizations, we can voice our concerns, influence policies and guard the values that we hold dear. When we vote, we must support individuals who respect our values rather than those who merely pander for votes.

The fight against wokeness and globalism is also an economic battle. Where we choose to spend our dollars counts, support local businesses that uphold our values and refuse to bow down to woke culture.

Finally, fostering open dialogue within our communities about these pressing issues is crucial. Our society’s future lies not in the hands of the elites but in our collective hands. We are not just spectators to these changes but the very fabric that can either strengthen or weaken our nation’s social and economic structure.

As conservatives, we must not shy away from these challenges. On the contrary, we should view them as opportunities to reaffirm our commitment to our nation’s core principles: private property, the rule of law, free speech and equality under the law. Let’s ensure our future generations inherit a country that upholds these values rather than one that succumbs to the globalist agenda. We owe it to them and ourselves.

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