LiveAction Founder: Democrats Again Show They Are Party of Infanticide

Lila Rose, founder, and president of the pro-life activist organization Live Action, did not hold back in her criticism of Democrats for again showing their true colors last week.

Only one party member saw fit to support the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, while another merely voted “present.” The measure, intended to protect newborns who survive abortion attempts, passed anyway thanks to Republicans now enjoying the majority in the House.

Writing for the Daily Caller, Rose noted that the act would not stop a single abortion from being performed. Instead, it merely called for having the basic human decency to provide medical care for a child who survived a barbaric attempt to kill it in the womb.

How does anyone with a conscience oppose such a measure? Easily, if that person is a House Democrat.

Rose pointed towards Rep. Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR) who categorized the act as “extremist, dangerous, and unnecessary.”

Unnecessary? Recent data from Florida showed that eight children in the state last year were born alive after abortions were attempted. And Canadian figures point towards a .21% failure rate overall for abortions.

This means that for every 1,000 abortions attempted, 2.1 unborn children survive the barbaric procedure and certainly need medical care. That essential treatment may be legally denied in over a dozen states, leaving the innocent free to die from neglect.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi chimed in Wednesday, tweeting that House Republicans “chose to push their extreme anti-choice agenda.” She then went on to advocate for everyone’s “freedom to access reproductive health services.” Whose health?

Rose further pointed out the ludicrous irony of some House Democrats calling on their “Christian faith” to back up their failure to support medical care for children who survive abortion.

Rep. Hillary Scholten (D-MI) termed herself a “pro-choice Christian” and went so far as to quote scripture. She referred to Jeremiah 1:5, which reads, “I knew you before I formed you and placed you in your mother’s womb.”

Scholten then added that the passage does not say the “government’s womb.” There is a shining example of missing the point.

As with life, politics features some gray areas in which it is possible to recognize some validity in the other side’s position. This, however, is a purely black-and-white issue that should be the eternal shame of Democrats who failed to support such an essential measure.

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