Librarians Covertly Add Drag Book For Six-Year-Olds In Georgia

Georgia’s Oconee County is a generally rural community, though it is adjacent to the massive University of Georgia in Clarke County. The normally conservative area is currently in an uproar over actions by the county library to inject LGBT ideology into programs aimed at six-year-olds.

Shocked parents learned that their children were to be exposed to a biography of notorious drag queen RuPaul as part of the summer reading program.

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” is a television program spotlighting men who adorn women’s costumes and mock female behaviors with over-the-top stereotypes. Unquestionably it is appropriate only for adults, and performers on the show freely admitted this fact.

In 2020, drag queen Kitty Demure addressed the show and children in a YouTube video.

He asked if a parent would want “a stripper or a porn star to influence your child?…A drag queen performs in a nightclub for adults. There is a lot of filth that goes on…I don’t think this is an avenue you want your children to explore.”

Critics charge that the Georgia library categorized sixth-graders as “adults,” and thus the 11-year-olds are appropriate targets for adult materials. Using this logic, RuPaul is a perfectly acceptable role model.

On its website, the library said that all ages are welcome, but the focus for storytime is six-year-olds and above.

The storybook program is part of PRISM, a local library effort to embrace “LGBT groups” in this Georgia community. The name was chosen because it has no direct relationship to radical gender ideology.

However, when light is shown through a prism, it becomes a rainbow. Thus, the library program hides its true intentions from concerned parents by rejecting the normal LGBT imagery.

The result, however, is the same.

The group markets itself by word of mouth through “young adults.” It features monthly meetings and even an annual “anti-prom” for its followers. Name tags with pronoun preferences are handed out to each teen, since many claim different names than those used at school.

PRISM described its programs as having different themes, such as “body acceptance or queer art.”

It is more obvious every day that, to leftist radicals, your children are in fact “adults” and as such are worthy targets for the most inappropriate indoctrination. Boys may decide to become girls, and puberty blockers and hormone treatments do not need parental permission in their world.

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