Liberal Corporate Journalists Dismiss Biden Corruption Allegations

In a remarkable statement this week, Washington, D.C., reporter Alexi McCammond staunchly refuted allegations of corruption tied to the Biden family. The denial, consistent with the general tone of mainstream coverage, came despite the emergence of whistleblower testimonies and documentation suggesting otherwise. McCammond’s obstinate dismissal of such potentially damning evidence showcases the mainstream media’s selective lens when reporting political controversies.

On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show, McCammond brushed off allegations against the Bidens. Two whistleblowers, one from the IRS and another from the DOJ, and other sources have brought unsettling details about the Biden family’s alleged misconduct. Yet, McCammond labeled these claims “extreme” and “baseless.” She even turned her sights on House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), accusing him of prioritizing President Donald Trump’s re-election over Republican congressional victories in 2024.

A Department of Justice whistleblower’s leaked document paints a troubling picture. It alleges that Ukrainian oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky bribed Joe and Hunter Biden $5 million each to dismiss a prosecutor investigating Burisma, where Hunter Biden was a board director. This document ominously referred to Joe Biden as “the big guy.”

Hunter’s former business associate, Devon Archer, substantiated these allegations during his testimony on Monday to the House Oversight Committee. Archer detailed instances where Ukrainian oligarchs bragged about participating in bribery schemes and referred to then-Vice President Joe Biden as “my guy.”

Archer also confirmed that Hunter showcased his ability to put his father, then the Vice President of the United States, on speakerphone at least 20 times during business interactions. In one 2017 WhatsApp message, Hunter allegedly emphasized that his father was in the room while negotiating with a Chinese energy official.

Democrats continue to downplay these revelations, often resorting to trivial explanations. They suggest Joe Biden’s interactions with Hunter’s business associates were simply polite hellos or benign discussions about the weather. However, these dismissive responses do little to quell the growing concerns about the transparency and integrity of the Biden administration.

Archer also testified about the intimidating power of the Biden “brand,” suggesting that Burisma would have faced significant legal challenges without the implied protection of the Biden family name. This revelation, coupled with the testimonies of Archer and the whistleblowers, undermines President Biden’s consistent denial of discussing business with his son.

The biased dismissal of these allegations by reporters like McCammond demonstrates a worrisome trend in the mainstream media. Instead of fostering transparency and holding public figures accountable, they seem committed to protecting their preferred political narratives.

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