Leaked Documents Suggest Controversial Progressive Shift At Fox News

Following recent revelations, Fox Corp., the parent company of Fox News, is under scrutiny for allegedly promoting controversial topics and practices to its employees. In a nod to “Pride Month” and “inclusivity,” the company seems to be leaning into a more progressive corporate culture, a shift garnering backlash from its traditionally conservative viewer base.

Investigative efforts by commentators like Matt Walsh have led to the surfacing of internal Fox Corp. recommendations that seem out of alignment with the network’s traditionally conservative rhetoric. Employees are encouraged to donate to organizations like the Trevor Project, Ali Forney Center, and LA LGBT Center.

These organizations are noted for their focus on support and resources for LGBT youth, including transgender individuals. While these groups assertively assist young people in their explorations of identity, critics argue they may be pushing boundaries. In some cases, it is alleged they may even be promoting medical interventions for minors that can result in sterilization, a topic of intense debate in conservative circles.

Reading materials recommended by Fox Corp. also lean heavily towards LGBT themes, with books explaining the transitioning process and, according to Walsh, even containing explicit adult content. The company also encourages employees to expose their children to books featuring characters undergoing gender transitions.

These changes have sparked criticism from conservative commentators, suggesting Fox News may be losing touch with its viewership. Walsh questions, “Do the executives and owners just not know what’s happening in their company?” Many critics are left wondering whether Fox News is trying to comply with strict laws or whether they genuinely support these initiatives.

The shift seems at odds with the network’s typical audience; many have voiced their confusion and disappointment on platforms like Twitter. The viewer base, traditionally conservative, appears dismayed at the “woke” turn of the media giant. The backlash resonates with calls to boycott other brands, such as Bud Light, Target, and Hershey’s, accused of embracing similar progressive ideologies.

Fox News has previously drawn ire from its viewers for its Pride Month celebrations. The network has run promotional videos celebrating voices from the LGBT community, causing discomfort among a significant portion of its audience.

Even network anchors suggest these changes are more than just a corporate shift. Fox’s Harris Faulkner recently implied that such adherence to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) guidelines may be due to legal requirements in New York State.

In the “Tucker on Twitter” episode posted Thursday evening, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson pointed out how the company has become more eager to appease the White House and the Washington establishment.

With Fox Corp. facing a boycott threat similar to other companies accused of promoting a progressive agenda, the divide between the media company and its core viewership seems to widen. The company’s approach to DEI appears to veer from its traditional conservative voice, causing concern among longtime fans. As this controversy unfolds, the coming months will reveal whether Fox Corp. continues its progressive shift or reverts to the conservative standpoint that made it a popular choice among its viewers.

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