Jordan Criticized For ‘Only Americans Should Vote In American Elections’ Comments

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) was unfairly criticized for tweeting that only American citizens should be allowed to vote in U.S. elections.

Jordan made the comments after House Republicans voted to overturn the decision of the District of Columbia Council that would give non-citizens who live in the district the right to vote for the mayor, attorney general, school board member, city council member, and commissioner.

House GOP Members — with support from some of their Democrat counterparts — voted overwhelmingly for House Joint Resolution 24, otherwise known as “Disapproving the action of the District of Columbia Council in Approving the Local Resident Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2022.”

The House voted to overturn the council’s decision by a vote of 260-162. Jordan made a simple assertion on Twitter regarding the vote:

“Yesterday, 162 Democrats voted to allow illegal aliens to vote in elections in Washington D.C. Ridiculous. Only Americans should vote in American elections,” Jordan tweeted.

Jordan’s tweet drew fierce criticisms from woke Twitter users who feel that apparently believe that non-citizens should be allowed to vote in U.S. elections and maybe, one day, choose the next president.

One Twitter user falsely accused Jordan of distorting the truth to “radicalize the low-information pawns in GOP’s war on common sense.”

Another user accused Jordan of lying every time he opened his mouth, while another asked Jordan why he was meddling in city laws.

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D.C.’s non-voting member of Congress, also showed her dissatisfaction with the bill seeking to overturn the council’s decision during a floor debate, labeling it “profoundly undemocratic” and “paternalistic,” according to Fox News.

“D.C. residents, a majority of whom are Black and brown, are worthy and capable of governing themselves,” Norton argued. “Keep your hands off D.C.”

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