Jake Tapper: Trump’s Remarks On Hunter’s China Deals Held Weight

CNN anchor Jake Tapper recently commented on an apparent discrepancy between President Joe Biden’s declarations and the financial endeavors of his son, Hunter Biden, in China.

On a Thursday segment, Tapper showcased a video from the 2020 presidential debates. In that footage, Donald Trump, the then-President, argued that Hunter Biden made a significant amount from his ventures in Ukraine, China, and Moscow. In defense, Joe Biden said that those statements were “not accurate.”

Yet, Tapper highlighted that Hunter’s latest court testimonies don’t match up with his dad’s previous claims.

After the video, Tapper stated, “Trump had a point. Hunter indeed had gains from China, and what Joe Biden said seems off. It’s unclear if he was mistaken or unaware due to Hunter not sharing the info.”

During the discussion, Republican pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson mentioned that Hunter’s business activities would remain a point of contention for the Republican party and hold importance in the legal arena.

The topic grew more intriguing when a reporter from Daily Caller asked National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan about Hunter Biden’s ties to China. Sullivan chose to sidestep, saying, “I won’t comment on that.”

Former Democratic Representative Andy Levin from Michigan was also part of the conversation. He aimed to provide a more optimistic viewpoint, saying that many parents might overlook their children’s decisions. However, the potential of Hunter earning up to $20 million abroad is hard to ignore.

Levin continued, stressing there’s no solid proof linking Joe Biden directly to Hunter’s business pursuits. While he believed many voters might overlook this, a substantial number think such potential misconduct doesn’t belong in the White House.

The situation intensified when it was brought up that an IRS insider exposed a text from Hunter to a Chinese entrepreneur, Henry Zhao. The content suggested Joe Biden could’ve been with Hunter during certain talks. Hunter’s message alluded to repercussions if his conditions weren’t met and hinted about his father’s involvement.

Hunter Biden’s global business activities and President Biden’s possible association with them remain under the spotlight.

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