Illegal Immigrants Claim Mexican Authorities Facilitating Journey To US

As illegal immigration continues to flood the U.S. under President Joe Biden, given the president’s refusal to address the dire issue at the southern border, multiple unlawful immigrants have claimed that Mexican authorities are helping them illegally enter America.

While speaking with reporters from the Daily Mail, illegal immigrants waiting for an opportunity to cross the border into Eagle Pass, Texas, indicated that instead of tackling illegal immigration, Mexican officials are encouraging and even facilitating travel for those who wish to embark on the journey.

A Venezuelan couple, as an example, said authorities stopped them at the U.S.-Mexico border but were, surprisingly, not deported back to their home country. Instead, the pair was sent to the Mexico-Guatemalan border to serve a brief stint in jail. They recalled that the jail’s entire population was emptied all at once.

“I feel like the Mexicans do it so they can tell the US that they’re doing something to stop migrants,” the pair said, adding, “Why wouldn’t they just deport us from Mexico if they’re really serious about stopping us from reaching the US?”

Other individuals attempting to make their way to the southern border said that instead of being detained by Mexican authorities, they paid a bribe and continued their journey.

“They would ask us for 10,000 pesos a person. If you had the money, they would let you continue traveling through Mexico. If you didn’t they would send you back to the Mexico-Guatemala border. They only care about money, not about immigration,” a Venezuelan man told the Daily Mail.

“We Venezuelans have a phrase: if you ever did something bad in your life, you’re going to pay for it in Mexico. This has been the cruelest country to be in,” the man added.

Since Biden took office, millions of illegal immigrants have poured right across the southern border, jeopardizing the lives of all Americans. Fentanyl has been imported into the U.S. in large numbers, killing more than 100,000 Americans.

Illegal immigration has devastated U.S. cities, such as New York City and Chicago, where leftist politicians who support Biden have begun criticizing the president for refusing to secure the southern border.

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