Greene Says Nikki Haley Would Start WWIII

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) recently criticized GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley, who partook in the first GOP primary debate on Aug. 23, 2023, saying that she would start World War III if elected president in 2024, as reported by Just The News.

“Nikki Haley is the worst candidate on the stage,” Greene wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. “She would start WW3 on day one.”

The Republican party has been split on how the U.S. should approach the ongoing war in Ukraine, with some conservative politicians saying that America should just stay out of the war and others saying that the U.S. needs to play a more active role.

The GOP is also split on the amount of funding the U.S. should be providing Ukraine, with some saying we should do more and others saying enough is enough.

Greene is one of many Republicans who have opposed the U.S. continuing to be involved in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

“Democrats, RINOs (losers like Mitt Romney) and the media will hate me for saying this…but America’s border is more important to Americans than Ukraine’s borders,” she wrote on X.

In the past, Haley has advocated for greater interference by the U.S. in the Ukraine-Russia conflict. She has argued that ignoring the war would only empower the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

In an Op-ed to the Wall Street Journal, the GOP presidential candidate alleged that the Biden administration “has given Ukraine only enough to slow the Russia advance, not to repel it,” adding that “more surprising is the weakness from some on the right.”

“They say the U.S. shouldn’t care about Ukraine because this war isn’t our fight. Some call it a mere ‘territorial dispute.’ They say we should ignore Ukraine so we can focus on China. This has it backward. China loses if Ukraine wins,” Haley continued.

During the first GOP primary debate, Haley called out entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy for his pledge to stop sending billions of dollars to Ukraine.

“Ukraine is the first line of defense for us,” Haley said during the debate. “And the problem that Vivek doesn’t understand is he wants to hand Ukraine to Russia. He wants to let China eat Taiwan. He wants to go and stop funding Israel. You don’t do that to friends. What you do, instead, is you have the backs of your friends.”

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