GOP Rep Invites Musk To Move Twitter Headquarters To Florida

Rep. Carlos Gimenez (R-FL) is inviting Twitter CEO Elon Musk to move the platform’s headquarters to Florida. According to him, the platform will thrive better in the “Free State of Florida” than in San Francisco, which he deems “hostile” to free speech.

In a letter to Musk, the former mayor of Miami-Dade County pointed out that San Francisco has “declined” from an innovation and tech hub to “a city that is openly hostile to the diversity of thought.” He also stated that San Francisco, strictly rigged in leftist ideals, is intolerant to those who do not conform to its “dystopia.”

“We want to encourage you to explore our Free State of Florida and make the move to relocate Twitter to Miami-Dade County,” he wrote after pointing out that San Francisco has recently “weaponized its public resources” to target Twitter. He then went on to list factors the company could benefit from should it move its headquarters to Miami – from its growing technology hub to the low taxes and laws that protect intellectual property.

Of the many reasons Giminez believes Twitter would do better in Miami, the county’s openness to diversity of thought tops the chart. Not only do the county and the state of Florida, as a whole, welcome diversity of thought – they value it.

“We value freedom, we value hard work, and the people of Miami-Dade will welcome Twitter to your community with open arms,” the letter read.

Miami will also have a lot to benefit from the suggested move, which Gimenez revealed would create “good-paying jobs” and strengthen the county’s tech ecosystem.”

Twitter, founded in San Francisco in 2006, has maintained its downtown Civic Center location as its headquarters since 2011. However, there is a question of whether his takeover of the platform will see the headquarters move to another city.

After taking over Twitter in October, Trump has made major changes to the social media platform. So far, his approach is seen as more conservative than liberal. Hence, it is believed that there will be a clash between his running and San Francisco’s government which is dominated by Democrats.

San Francisco is known as the most liberal city in the country, and Musk himself has claimed that its ultra-liberal position could stand in the way of his goals to restore free speech to Twitter.

Recently, the city reportedly opened an investigation into Twitter’s headquarters over reports that the tech company converted many office rooms into makeshift bedrooms for overworked employees. Musk had taken to his platform to challenge the city’s mayor London Breed.

“So the city of SF attacks companies providing beds for tired employees instead of making sure kids are safe from fentanyl,” he wrote, asking where Breed’s priorities are.

If Musk does move Twitter’s headquarters from the Democratic-controlled state of California, it would not be the first for the Tesla CEO who has also moved his electric-vehicle company from Palo Alto, California, to Austin, Texas.

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