GOP Candidate Stops Event To Help Addicts Get Treatment

Dr. Mehmet Oz, who is running for the Senate as a Republican in Pennsylvania, made an unplanned stop during a campaign event to bring several addicts to a detox center for treatment.

On Monday, during the last day of a three-day campaign stop in Germantown and Kensington, Oz paused his planned events to take several Pennsylvanians struggling with drug addiction to get help.

Earlier in the day, the GOP Senate candidate held a “Safer Streets” initiative event which was originally meant to be about crime and gun violence, according to reporting from NBC News’ Dasha Burns.

Later, Oz reportedly changed his focus to addiction after running into a group of people who needed treatment.

“Oz did a roundtable about gun violence in Germantown and then walked around Kensington where he ended the day by driving four people to Rock Ministry in hopes of them getting detox,” the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Julia Terruso tweeted.

Photos of the event showed the GOP candidate tying one man’s shoe, and hugging a woman who reportedly needed treatment for their addictions, according to photos uploaded by Burns.

Oz was later caught on video riding in the passenger seat of a full pickup truck — with at least one individual riding in the bed of the truck. He spoke to reporters from inside the truck, telling them that he was taking several Pennsylvania residents to a local detox center.

In the video, which was shared to Twitter by ABC’s Will McDuffie, Oz explained that the trip to the detox center was unplanned.

“So what are you gonna do about our addiction problem?” one reporter asked the Republican candidate.

“You missed all the fun. The first thing is put the cigarette down,” he responded. “That definitely doesn’t help because it breeds the belief that you have to put something in your body to get through the day.”

“The solution is this, getting people to go to detox and give it a chance,” Oz added. “Maybe it’s going to fail a lot of times, but it’s gonna succeed a lot as well. You just keep trying until it finally works.”

The GOP candidate later shared the video to his own Twitter page, writing: “Detox saves lives, but the first step is often the most difficult.”

The unexpected trip to detox was not the first time that Oz has assisted people in need while out on the campaign trail. During one of his recent campaign rallies, the GOP candidate jumped into the crowd to help a woman who had collapsed.

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