Georgia Students Sue District Over BLM Material Ban

Three Georgia students have initiated a federal civil rights lawsuit against their local school district for banning clothing that promotes Black Lives Matter messaging.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court on Jan. 5, by mothers Lakeisha Hamilton and Tauretta McCray. The trio has claimed the Effingham County School District “engaged in an egregious pattern of deliberately ignoring complaints” of racial hatred.

A YouTube content creator identifying himself as “Roland S. Martin” posted his own report and analysis on the events:

Also alleged in the lawsuit is that the rights of students for equal protection under the 14th Amendment were violated due to alleged unequal treatment by Effingham County High School and Effingham College & Career Academy.

“In one instance, a Black student was refused entry to a football game because she was wearing a ‘Black Lives Matter’ shirt; and was advised that she could not enter with it on,” stated the lawsuit.

“However, a white student was allowed entry at the very same event with a shirt that read, ‘Stomp on My Flag; I’ll Stomp Your A**,'” the lawsuit continued. “There were no repercussions for that white student.”

Other accusations include that students at the school hung a noose in a locker room, some were wearing Confederate flag clothing, and another dressed up as Adolf Hitler. It was also claimed that a teacher had made “overtly racist remarks.”

The teenagers being represented in the lawsuit reportedly said the district allows the Confederate flag to be displayed as they do not find it “disruptive,” and that it is a matter of “heritage” rather than hate.

Requests made in the suit include having a trial by jury, a modification in the school dress code, the banning of discrimination on the basis of political views, and financial compensation.

Yancy Ford, who serves as Effingham County School District’s superintendent, told The Hill that the defendants listed in the lawsuit and the school district have yet to receive a court summons.

“Neither the School District nor other named defendants have been served with the lawsuit at this time. Once we have been served, a response to the allegations will be filed in accordance with the rules and procedures of the court. Thank you,” she reportedly said.

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