Four Police Officers Injured In London ‘Diversity Riot’

The U.K.’s massive multicultural experiment went off the rails again Saturday as African immigrants exploded in violence in a South London incident dubbed by some as a “diversity riot.” Four officers attempting to contain the chaos were injured.

Witnesses saw a violent mob armed with sticks clashing with one another and then with law enforcement. Tired burned as immigrants reportedly of Ethiopian and Eritrean backgrounds fought to stop a meeting of African government officials in a theater.

As the police intervened, they quickly found themselves under attack by the rioters. Law enforcement officials reported the fighting erupted due to “tensions in the Eritrean community.”

Once again, Ethiopia and Eritrea are nearing war over unsettled territorial disputes.

Southwark authorities said “eight people were arrested in Camberwell this afternoon for offenses including violent disorder, criminal damage, possession of offensive weapon” and an attack on an emergency worker.

The statement added that “four officers were injured, one of whom was taken to the hospital and has now been discharged.”

Exactly what business this African dustup has in the U.K. is anybody’s guess. All too often, Western nations now import third world issues that have nothing to do with their native populations except when violence erupts.

A shining example is the chaos centered around the Oct. 7 massacre of Jews and Israel’s perfectly predictable military response. What is also predictable is that a Middle Eastern issue now spills out into far-flung cities that should be immune to the conflict.

Instead, pro-Palestineans march and wave flags and chant their support for barbaric terrorists. In the U.S. they declared that Christmas was “canceled” due to their ancient warfare.

This is not assimilation, not in the U.K. and not in the U.S. Instead, it is dragging the very same issues that made the home countries utterly unlivable and foisting them onto people who know little and care less about grudges halfway around the world.

Four police officers were injured in a skirmish that had no place in London.

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