Former Mobster ‘Tony The Dessert Man’ Conigliaro Decapitated In Accident With DOT Truck

Anthony Conigliaro, an 86-year-old former mobster known as “Tony the Dessert Man,” was decapitated by a Department of Transportation (DOT) truck on June 12. His identity was confirmed by his lawyers and a law enforcement source, according to the New York Post.

A viral video on X, formerly Twitter, captured the horrifying incident. Conigliaro was crossing the street when a DOT truck made a right turn, striking him and causing his decapitation. The surveillance footage shows his head lying several feet from his body, a sight that has shocked viewers and left the truck driver visibly shaken.

Police are investigating the incident, but it remains unclear if the driver will face charges. Witnesses described the driver as distraught, being consoled at the scene by bystanders and authorities.

Conigliaro, who had a notorious past with the Genovese crime family, was remembered by his neighbors as a caring individual. “We miss him. Everybody misses him,” a neighbor told the New York Post, emphasizing his role in looking out for others despite his criminal background.

In 2005, Conigliaro was charged with loan sharking for the Genovese family and later pleaded guilty to a racketeering conspiracy charge, serving 13 months in prison. He also faced charges of criminal usury in 1999 and grand larceny in 2006.

The former mobster, who had lived a life constantly looking over his shoulder, met an unexpected and grisly end. The ongoing investigation will determine the legal implications for the driver involved in the accident.

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