Famous Doll Company Promoting Puberty Blockers

American Girl dolls were praised by many in past years for its historical dolls and books describing different eras and cultures. Mattel purchased the brand in 1998 for $700 million. But Mattel has an agenda that has been evident in its recent release of a transgender Barbie. The Mattel-owned American Girl brand has released “A Smart Girl’s Guide: Body Image,” which contains lines that advise children on changing gender without a parent or guardian’s permission.

Parents are furious about the books and have slammed the contents as ‘deceptive and dangerous.’ The book is marketed for girls aged 3-12. One passage reads, “If you haven’t gone through puberty yet, the doctor might offer medicine to delay your body’s changes, giving you more time to think about your gender identity.” The book also lists support resources for children “If you don’t have an adult you trust.” It is available for sale in bookstores nationwide and on the company website.

Within the 96-page handbook, there are entire pages dedicated to promoting gender transition and gender identity. Although the book is marketed to girls as young as three, parents won’t read it to their three-year-olds unless they are on some far-left spectrum. One sentence within the book reads, “Being transgender is not an illness or something to be ashamed of.” But this is a direct lie, as it’s apparent to the public and psychologists that transgender ideas come from body dysmorphia and other mental illnesses

Mattel has made changes to American Girl before, among other brands they parent. Earlier this year, they released their “doll of the year” as an Asian American. The company felt this would somehow fight against anti-hate crimes as if prepubescent girls have any interest or experience dealing with race-related violence.

The company has not commented on the outrage parents have expressed for the new handbook. The book normalizes gender ideology and pushes children to use puberty blockers. The push to strip away child innocence goes further and further with these leftist companies.

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