Ending Government Control At Home Means Stopping Leftist Expansion Abroad

The American founders weren’t big on meddling in other nations’ affairs either. From the founding of the country through Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency, America’s leaders followed that policy without fail. As a result, the United States rose among nations.

Immediately after Woodrow Wilson won the election in 1912, America’s new “progressive” elite imposed new foreign policies. American policy turned back the clock on the principles that had worked for so long. It plunged the country into 11 decades of international chaos.

Common Sense was published in 1776 by Thomas Paine. The book offered Americans the chance to change history by bringing about a new form of government based on freedom and self-rule. In those times, common sense went viral and became the American way.

The founders also understood the purpose of the American military thanks to Classic Liberalism. Our founders had a commonsense foreign policy, where we minded our own business among nations and had strong military capabilities to keep other nations from messing with us.

American leftists push the federal government into more and more foreign affairs, and they push it into more and more private lives. Everywhere they go, they want to expand the reach of the government. Big government is precisely the opposite of what the founders wanted.

Today, we need to take a lesson from those earlier Americans and reject the globalist foreign policy that’s led to more conflicts overseas and more conflicts at home. It’s also important to reject the changes leftists are imposing on Americans. We must stop progressive foreign policies to stop the globalists left from wiping out the America the founders gave us.

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