Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren Says All Republican Candidates Are Insurrectionists

Extremist rhetoric from leaders of the Democrat Party has been ramping up in advance of the midterm elections!

It was last August when White House occupant Joe Biden called Americans who favor the ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda ‘semi-fascists.’

Meanwhile, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton decried last week what she called “plain crazy violent hate rhetoric coming out of Republicans,” before saying the prospect of Republican candidates gaining seats in the upcoming elections is a “real threat to the heart of our democracy.”

Unfortunately for us Americans, the two mentioned above are not the only former presidential candidates to make such extreme statements. Joining the two this week was Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), also known by her famous Trump-created ‘Pocahontas’ moniker.

The infamous former candidate for the United States Democrat presidential primary suggested that any and all candidates who associate with the GOP are ‘insurrectionists’ of sorts who promote the ‘big lie.’

“When you put Republican next to your name and run for office when you take money from the Republican Party, then you bought the whole ticket,” Warren said during an interview with the MoveOn group. “And that means you have bought into the insurrection on January 6, that means you bought into the big lie.”

“It means you have bought into the people who have made fomenting hate and lies as a part of how they try to control people in this country. And that truly is what will take away our democracy if we do not fight back.”

Such rhetoric from Warren is not unexpected. The Massachusetts senator put out a press release in January marking the one-year anniversary of the so-called “insurrection” on January 6th, 2021; she charged that the filibuster must be abolished because it is “a tool of racial segregation and Jim Crow” in that same post.


Speaking of Warren, a reference to her was invoked last week during a set of oral arguments surrounding two cases on race-based college admissions debated before the Supreme Court. Justice Samuel Alito brought the topic up, telling an attending attorney, “It’s family lore that we have an ancestor who was an American Indian,” and that he self-identifies as an American Indian because he was always told that his ancestors have American Indian blood.

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