Dr. Rachel Levine’s Concerning Impact On Our Future Generation

The choice of Dr. Rachel Levine as Assistant Secretary of Health sparked debates about her policies, especially those concerning kids and puberty. We, as conservatives, believe in protecting our society’s well-being and values. This article will explore concerns about Rachel Levine’s views on children and puberty, aiming to safeguard our young ones from potential harm.

Dr. Levine supports using puberty blockers for kids, but this raises worries among conservatives.

Puberty blockers are strong medicines that stop natural puberty. They are used for transgender youth, but we need to consider these treatments’ ethical and medical concerns.

Children’s brains are still developing during adolescence, so it’s unclear if they can make fully informed decisions about life-changing medical choices. Puberty blockers might have irreversible effects on bone density, brain development, and fertility. As conservatives, we want to protect the health and intentions of our youth, so we find this extremely concerning.

“After a time of adjusting to puberty blockers and confirming gender identity, gender-affirming hormone therapy might be an option. This can develop masculine or feminine secondary sex characteristics to help better align the body with an individual’s gender identity. Some of the changes triggered by gender-affirming hormone therapy cannot be reversed. Others may require surgery to reverse.” (Mayo Clinic)

Conservatives believe parents play a vital role in their children’s lives. Dr. Levine’s policies suggest using puberty blockers without parental consent or involvement, which worries us. Parents should have the right and responsibility to be part of significant medical choices for their kids, especially when it comes to life-changing treatments.

By promoting decisions without parental consent, Dr. Levine might weaken the importance of parents in families and increase government involvement in family matters. These policies go against the principles conservatives believe in.

We must consider the mental health effects of early medical interventions like puberty blockers. Puberty is crucial to growing up and stopping it might lead to unexpected psychological consequences.

Studies show that transgender people who transition later in life have better mental health outcomes than those who begin transitioning in their teens. So, pushing for early medical interventions could unintentionally harm the kids she aims to help.

“I shudder to think of how distorting today’s social media is for confused teenagers. I’m also alarmed by how readily authority figures facilitate transition,” (Gillespie) Cohn stated.

Conservatives value religious freedom and cultural diversity. Dr. Levine’s policies will infringe on our beliefs with traditional views on gender and puberty. We must stand strong and resist these political voices influencing our children.

Conservatives care about protecting our children’s well-being and values. We need to be wary of policies that could affect vulnerable kids.

Promoting puberty blockers for children without enough parental consent and considering long-term health effects is concerning. Our society has fallen, and the view on “ethical practices” has changed. We need to remember that this is not medically ethical.

Consistent connections and communication between parents and their children are vital for a healthy relationship. Parents, keep your kids safe.

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