Dick Morris Predicts Trump’s Conviction Will Not Impact 2024 Election

Dick Morris, a former presidential adviser and political strategist, believes that Donald Trump’s conviction by a New York City jury will have no long-term effect on the 2024 presidential election. While there may be a short-term trend against Trump, Morris argues that the public fully understands the partisan bias behind the verdict.

Morris points to Judge Juan Merchan’s alleged bias, citing his daughter’s employment as a Democratic Party fundraiser and his rulings throughout the case, as evidence that the verdict will be perceived as a manifestation of judicial bias. He suggests that Democrats will attempt to make the verdict a central issue in the 2024 election but will be mistaken in doing so.

According to Morris, voters have decided to support Trump based on issues that directly affect them, such as inflation, energy prices, crime, and immigration. He believes that no amount of Democratic Party posturing, even labeling Trump as a convicted felon, can change that.

Morris compares the case to the Monica Lewinsky scandal during Bill Clinton’s presidency, arguing that Republicans erred in 1998 by focusing their campaign solely on the president’s misconduct while ignoring the real issues faced by voters. He warns that if Democrats try to make the 2024 election about Trump’s conviction, they will be making a similar mistake.

However, Morris acknowledges that the impact of the verdict could change if Judge Merchan chooses to imprison Trump or restrict his ability to campaign, making it the central issue of the election. In such a scenario, he believes it would significantly benefit Trump.

Despite the conviction, Trump’s supporters remain energized, with Rep. Dan Meuser (R-PA) reporting that he has never seen them more enthused. The Trump campaign’s fundraising website crashed due to the overwhelming influx of donations following the guilty verdict, indicating a strong base of support for the former president.

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