DeSantis Stalked By Activists While At Iowa State Fair

Some Republican candidates decided to stop by the Iowa State Fair over the weekend as a campaigning effort. Among those Republicans that showed up in Iowa was Ron DeSantis (R-FL). While there, he was followed by a group of unruly activists trying to disrupt him.

On Friday, DeSantis was followed by two individuals wearing shirts saying, “B— get things done.” They yelled at the governor about swinging cowbells and “pudding fingers.” One of them got into an altercation with a supporter of DeSantis.

More of the activists came out from their hiding spots on Saturday. During his remarks at the state fair, they relentlessly made noise with whistles and cowbells to drown out his comments. Current Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) asked them to behave instead of being noisy and disruptive.

DeSantis spoke about his success in Florida. He mentioned parental rights in education, among his other achievements and efforts. Reynolds addressed the activists, “Hey, you know what, you know what? We’re in Iowa.”

She added, “And in Iowa, we’re Iowa nice. So let’s give everybody the opportunity to hear our candidates.” They didn’t respond and continued to drown out whatever noise they disagreed with. Finally, the authorities escorted the two out, who were quite literally kicking and screaming.

While loud liberal activists are just a hiccup, DeSantis has more important things to consider. How will he close the gap between himself and his opponent, former President Donald Trump? DeSantis is in second place, but that’s very far away from first.

Making an effort and the gesture to connect with common folk at a state fair is an excellent way to communicate personally with conservative voters. If Trump weren’t in the picture, DeSantis would probably be leading the race by a reasonable amount. However, that’s not the case.

It is quite the David and Goliath scenario where DeSantis stands for many good conservative morals and ideas; stuff Republican voters like to hear. He’s a good guy, and a lot of people would agree. Although, Trump has already made a massive impression.

The die-hard Trump fans appreciated his strength, leadership, and sometimes brutal approach to honesty. Many liked that he wasn’t a lifelong politician; he was viewed as an all-American businessman. He’s different in every sense of the meaning, and many people don’t even care about his legal issues.

DeSantis will have to navigate the popularity contest he’s found himself in. He must continue connecting with the people and leave a lasting impression. Voters will need something big from DeSantis if they are going to pay him any more attention than what they’ve already given him.

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