DeSantis Offered Libs Of TikTok Founder Safe Refuge

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis extended a generous offer to Libs of TikTok founder Chaya Raichik after her identity was exposed by the Washington Post, leading to several death threats.

The Republican suggested that Raichik find refuge in the Governor’s Mansion as threatening messages poured in after her doxxing.

Doxxing is the act of exposing the personal details of a target online which could create danger for the individual.

Raichik’s Libs of TikTok simply reposts materials from left-wing users that many find embarrassing or disturbing. It particularly targets liberals whose goal is to expose radical gender identity propaganda to younger audiences.

Wildly successful, the account is now viciously targeted by LGBT activists along with their political and media allies. Raichik’s ownership of the account was understandably a secret as leftists vented their outrage over being “outed” by their own words.

That changed. Raichik was forced to flee from her home after the Washington Post’s “technology and online culture” writer Taylor Lorenz revealed her name and address.

Lorenz also exposed her occupation, religion, and the New York borough where she had lived. The combination led angry leftists straight to her.

The reporter defended her dangerous doxxing of Raichik by arguing that Libs of TikTok is now a powerful internet force that fuels right-wing arguments. Lorenz claimed the site negatively impacted LGBT legislation and incited “outrage among the right.”

No matter the defense, the result was the same. Leftist outrage forced Raichik out of her home. And that’s where DeSantis stepped in.

Speaking on Fox Nation’s Tucker Carlson Today, the Libs of TikTok founder told the host that a person from the Florida governor’s office contacted her with a message: “If you don’t feel safe or if you or your family need a place to go and hide, you can come to the governor’s mansion.”

Raichik described her immense gratitude at the generous offer. She described the Republican as “genuinely a kindhearted person.”

She said his invitation almost had her in tears.

Raichik does nothing more than expose the radical left’s unhinged agenda, which infuriates both liberals and their media partners. Exposing her to threats and worse was inexcusable, and DeSantis’ offer was timely and appreciated.

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