Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu Deletes Post After Getting Fact Checked

Recent reports stemming from the latest revelations of the ‘Twitter Files’ have given more information on the collusion between Twitter and the U.S. government to censor opinions on Covid-19 that go against the desired narrative.

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA), who is apparently not a fan of Elon Musk’s information drops, went on social media to say that news stemming from the report is “misleading.”

Here’s his now-deleted Twitter post, courtesy of Twitchy.

Unfortunately for Lieu, he was swiftly corrected. Some people had a problem with his last sentence claiming, “COVID appears to be a leading cause of death for children.”

The post by user @KelleyKga was ironically labeled by Twitter as ‘misleading,’ despite being accurate.

As reporter and author David Zweig pointed out, the Chinese coronavirus has “never been the leading cause of death from disease in children.”

Rep. Lieu was publicly called out by Twitter CEO Elon Musk as well.

Many other users also blasted Lieu, calling him out for lying about a post that he quite clearly made.

This does not mark the first time Lieu has been ridiculed following a controversial statement. As National Review pointed out, the California congressman, who self-identifies as Catholic, was told by Rev. Jim Gigliotti that his “very soul is in jeopardy” and that he would be denied Communion should he attend Gigliotti’s parish.

Lieu responded by blasting the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on Twitter.

“Dear @USCCB,” he wrote online. “I’m Catholic and you are hypocrites. You did not tell Bill Barr, a Catholic, not to take communion when he expanded killing human beings with the death penalty. You are being nakedly partisan and you should be ashamed. Another reason you are losing membership.”

National Review additionally reported that Rep. Lieu “dared” the bishops to deny him Communion.

The California congressman made another infamous appearance in the recent documentary of Daily Wire commentator Matt Walsh, “What Is a Woman?” when he defended the right of a man to use a women’s bathroom.

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