CNN Hosts Shocked By Shift In Black Voter Support From Biden To Trump

CNN hosts Brianna Keilar and Boris Sanchez appeared stunned Wednesday as senior data reporter Harry Enten revealed a significant shift in Black voter support from President Joe Biden to former President Donald Trump. According to a recent New York Times/Siena College poll, Trump has narrowed his deficit among Black Americans, with Biden leading 70% to 18%.

Enten pointed out that if Trump can sustain this level of support it would be an accomplishment for any conservative and could result in the best electoral performance by a Republican presidential candidate among Black voters since Richard Nixon in 1960.

Notably there has been a decline in support for Biden among Black voters under the age of 50 with Trump securing 27% backing compared to Bidens 64%. Enten highlighted the influence of this change, on the electoral college suggesting that if this trend is seen at the state level it might sway things in favor of Trump.

“It’s spiraling. It’s ambulance, it’s police sirens, it’s any alarm you can think of that should be what’s going off on the Democratic side,” Enten warned. “These numbers, to be honest, could be deadly to Joe Biden’s campaign.”

The response of the CNN hosts highlights the increasing worry among Democrats regarding the loss of backing from a loyal group of voters. With the 2024 presidential election, on the horizon the party must tackle this weakness and discover ways to reconnect with African American voters.

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