Climate Extremists Urge Biden To Declare ‘Emergency’

Even though President Joe Biden needs little pushing to act unilaterally and foolishly, he is under mounting pressure to declare an environmental “national emergency.”

This pressure is theoretically coming due to the recent deadly fires in Hawaii, but that’s hardly the reason. Climate extremists believe this declaration would enable the White House to enact sweeping changes without having to go through the legislative process.

The scope of the administration’s power would be uncertain, but it is certain that it could damage the country in unimaginable ways.

Does anyone believe that drastic energy production cuts and even environmental lockdowns are out of the question for this regime? Climate activists hardly feel bound to consider the needs of the people when they implement their radical schemes.

After all, they are saving the planet. Right?

The devastation on Maui is the catalyst for leftist lawmakers and other radicals to pressure Biden to act. They share the misguided belief that the president is somehow able to prevent weather-related disasters that have occurred throughout history.

At least 110 people died in the fires, with many more unaccounted for. The aftermath, which Biden is only just now preparing to visit, left scores homeless and raised critical questions about the local and federal responses.

But even as critics voiced concerns about the failure to sound alarms and the inexplicable delay in releasing water to fight the fires, others moved quickly to exploit the crisis. Climate activists see dollar signs in the granting of emergency powers to this White House.

Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) told Politico that the Hawaii disaster “is a clear sign that the president must declare a climate emergency — now.” He even referenced the ambiguous “climate injustice” in his railing for Biden to be given a blank check.

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) echoed this sentiment. Declaring a national climate emergency, he argued, would “unlock vast federal resources and emergency powers to help our communities prepare for and recover from these deadly climate disasters.”

Biden could enjoy free rein to cut back on energy production, greenhouse gas emissions, and pour even more taxpayer dollars down the hole of “clean” transportation solutions.

All of these, as Democrats well know, will likely be devastating to the American economy.

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