Church Ordered To Pay $1.2M In Fines For Violating COVID Orders

A church in California has been ordered to pay a shocking $1.2 million in fines for violating the state’s tyrannical COVID-19 mandates.

San Jose’s Calvary church, located in Santa Clara County, California, reportedly held services throughout 2020 during the pandemic — violating California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) authoritarian mandates.

In a ruling last week, a Superior Court of California claimed that the church’s actions in holding services during a pandemic amounted to “egregious conduct.”

Judge Evette Pennypacker, who was appointed to her position by Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown in June 2018, rejected the church’s argument that the tyrannical public health orders had prevented them from exercising religious freedom — and thus were a direct violation of the Constitution.

Reports from local news outlet KTVU indicate that San Jose’s Calvary church allowed unmasked worshippers to attend services during the pandemic.

According to the media, Calvary Chapel San Jose held services between May 31, 2020 and May 2021 with roughly 300-500 people in attendance — as well as prayer gatherings and roughly 1,000 baptism ceremonies.

“It should appear clear to all—regardless of religious affiliation—that wearing a mask while worshiping one’s god and communing with other congregants is a simple, unobtrusive, giving way to protect others while still exercising your right to religious freedom,” the Office of the County Counsel claimed in a statement regarding the ruling.

“Unfortunately, Defendants repeatedly refused to model, much less, enforce this gesture. Instead, they repeatedly flouted their refusal to comply with the Public Health Orders and urged others to do so ‘who cares what the cost,’ including death,” the statement continued.

California was the strictest state in the U.S. when it came to COVID mandates, and extended the COVID emergency for as long as possible. According to the Daily Wire, “Newsom only reversed the state of emergency established amid the spread of COVID as late as February 2023.”

As a result of their authoritarian actions, the Democrat-run state saw a major population decrease during and after the pandemic — with Los Angeles County, California, losing more residents than any other county in the U.S., as their population fell by roughly 91,000 between July 2021 and July 2022.

However, California wasn’t the only state that attacked citizens’ religious freedom by barring them from in-person worshiping and even arresting churchgoers:

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