Christian Conservative Rapper’s Account Restored After Twitter Ban

Christian conservative rapper and President Donald Trump supporter Bryson Gray is back on Twitter after his account got suspended.

According to the platform, Gray violated its policy against hateful conduct. However, the program did not provide a specific tweet where he broke the rules as alleged.

After a series of tweets asking for Gray to be allowed back on the platform, his account was restored.

Gray, best known for his smash hit, “Let’s Go, Brandon,” suspected that he was thrown off the app because he called Elton John “gay.” He, however, said he finds that “weird,” considering the singer is openly gay.

Insisting that he did not go against any guidelines, he alluded to his tweets being personally interpreted by “some liberal that works at Twitter.”

The rapper also finds it strange that his ban came at the time when Elon Musk, who preaches free speech, took over ownership of the platform. “I’ve been on Twitter for over 8 years and I’ve never been banned until the ‘savior of free speech’ took over. Interesting,” he said to Timcast.

He had in the past commended Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, saying that it boded well for free speech.

After his ban, he now thinks Twitter under Musk censors tweets more than the old one. “That’s an objective truth that people look over because he allowed a few people back on Twitter,” he told Blaze Media.

Upon his return, he is calling for the return of others who remain banned from the platform, including Mike Lindell and Kanye West. “NO SUCH THING AS HALF WAY FREE SPEECH,” he protested.

He is also asking fans to follow him on other social media platforms, including Donald Trump’s Truth platform since Twitter is “obviously not very free speech yet.”

Musk’s idea of free speech seems to have changed since early this year when he asserted that free speech entails allowing “someone you don’t like” to say “something you don’t like.”

In March, the business magnate referred to himself as a “free speech absolutist” in a tweet insisting that his company Starlink would not adhere to some governments’ requests and block Russian news sources.

Since Musk took over ownership of Twitter, he has reinstated many accounts belonging to popular conservative voices, including Jordan Peterson, Laura Loomer, and Babylon Bee. However, many accounts have been banned under his ownership, causing many to question just how deep his tolerance for “free speech” goes.

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