China’s Hold On Important Medicines Worrying For The US

China’s stronghold on the medical supply chain is a problem for the U.S. that needs immediate attention. The Asian powerhouse controls important drugs and active ingredients the U.S. heavily relies on.

One feature that makes the U.S. a formidable force worldwide is its military might. With the Chinese a long-standing rival of the U.S. along technological and economic lines, much attention must be paid to the fact that some drugs administered to soldiers are produced in China.

The imminent threat posed by the Chinese government means that they could decide to wage a tactical battle against the U.S. by cutting the supply of significant drugs. The dependability of the U.S. on an arch-rival for survival amplifies the failures of President Joe Biden’s government and the Democrats.

The Leftists seem to be more concerned with laying false charges and spreading malicious content against former president Donald Trump than upholding their responsibilities to safeguard the lives of Americans.

While the medications on the shelves of pharmaceutical retailers don’t read “made in China,” a substantial number of active ingredients in them have Chinese inputs. This situation is what the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chair Gary Peters describes as an unacceptable national security risk.

Some years ago, the Food and Drug Administration was summoned to produce a list of crucial drugs Americans require, and the agency has yet to respond, even in the face of Chinese dominance.

The failure of President Biden to address the obvious dangers posed by China on the U.S. medical supply chain projects his incompetence. Anyone elected to take charge of a country with a 23 trillion GDP should be concerned about its rival’s roles in its health and safety.

The way forward is to localize production and encourage factories within America to produce the necessary medication. Tax breaks could also be used as a measure to promote local production. Beyond the irrelevant woke policies and fake news publicized by Biden and the Democrats, it’s time to take meaningful steps to eliminate the Chinese’s grip on the safety of Americans.

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