Chicago And Philadelphia ZIP Codes More Deadly Than Afghanistan

Young males in two of the nation’s most violent ZIP codes are much more likely to be shot to death than soldiers in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. This shocking tally comes from a Brown University study reported by the Washington Times.

Chicago’s most violent district is over three times more deadly than the notorious war zones, and Philadelphia’s leading area for murders is almost twice as deadly as the Afghan war for U.S. military personnel.

The study also included New York City and Los Angeles, though the most violent ZIP codes in these cities were less dangerous than Afghanistan or Iraq.

The Times reported that the overwhelming majority of young men in both cities affected by gun violence, 96%, were Black or Hispanic.

The numbers only get worse upon closer inspection. In Chicago’s 11th District, which serves Garfield Park, the per capita murder rate per 100,000 residents has skyrocketed to 146.8. The 15th District in Austin reached 115.2, a startling increase of 274% between 2010 and 2020.

For comparison, the world’s most violent city is Tijuana, Mexico. Its murder rate per 100,000 residents is 138.

Study co-author Dr. Brandon del Pozo is an assistant professor at Brown’s Warren Alpert Medical School. He spent 23 years as a New York City police officer and was a chief of police in Vermont.

He cited declarations from both sides of the political divide as reasons for conducting the research. Conservatives call large cities “war zones” and urge a strong crackdown on violent crime, while liberals claim fears of violence are greatly exaggerated and do not need a strong response.

According to del Pozo, “both are wrong.” His figures showed that while most city residents are “relatively safe from gun violence,” some demographics are in much greater danger than if they lived in an actual war zone.

What is evident, whether del Pozo is ready to admit it or not, is that some parts of cities are — as critics describe them — war zones that require a major crackdown. And, like real estate, it’s all about location.

A 2017 study using 2014 figures revealed that a whopping 68% of the nation’s murders occur in only small parts of 5% of its counties. Moreover, 54% of American counties recorded zero murders.

The study merely showed what any reasonable observer already knew. Violent crime in major cities is largely confined to small areas, and despite what the left wants you to believe, drastic measures are needed to bring it under control and make the areas safe for all.

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