Chaos In NYC Subways As Protesters Block Tracks

New York City’s subways descended into chaos Saturday as at least seven protesters were arrested after shutting down service. Dozens of leftist radicals dangerously jumped down onto subway tracks to protest the death of homeless man Jordan Neely on May 1.

The incident occurred at the station on Lexington Avenue and East 63rd Street at around 6:15 p.m.

An oncoming Q train had to slam on its brakes in the tunnel to avoid the protesters, who chanted “no justice, no peace!” as officers tried to clear the scene. Power had to be temporarily disconnected at the Lenox Hill station.

It took police several minutes to restore order to the scene and allow the trapped subway train to continue into the station.

Former Marine Daniel Penny is a 24-year-old surfing enthusiast who was identified this week as the person who held Neely in a chokehold Monday. Neely was reportedly throwing trash and yelling at subway passengers when Penny is shown on video holding him down.

The veteran said he never intended to harm the homeless man and has retained a legal team for his defense. He has thus far not been charged with a crime.

The medical examiner ruled that Neely was choked to death and called it a “homicide.” Experts believe Penny may be charged with involuntary manslaughter as the DA is considering action at this time.

Neely had an outstanding warrant for his arrest in a Nov. 2021 incident where he allegedly assaulted a 67-year-old woman in East Village. Police sources said there were “numerous” arrests on his record for crimes ranging from drugs to disorderly conduct.

Video from Saturday’s protest showed several demonstrators blockading the subway car’s doors as passengers tried to disembark. Commuters for a short time were forced to stay inside the cars as police attempted to clear a path for them to exit.

One passenger notably implored officers to disperse the protesters and enable him to leave the station. Protesters yelled that he was “not getting off this train” and told him to “find another train.”

When officers were eventually able to reinstate order to the scene, the noisy protest shifted to the street level above the station.

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