Canadian Muslims Protest LGBT Indoctrination By Surrounding Trudeau’s Office

A large group of Canadian Muslims gathered outside of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office last week to denounce continued indoctrination of LGBT ideology in the nation’s schools.

The participants also called on the government to end the disgraceful replacing of the Canadian flag with “Pride” flags on federal and state buildings.

A protester pointed to the Pride flag on the side of the building and told the crowd, “We need the Canadian flag up there. This is the prime minister of Canada, it should only be the Canadian flag.”

After another man shouted for the government to “leave our flag alone,” the gathering started repeating, “No more silence.”

Canadian leftists expressed shock over the frequency of demonstrations against LGBT indoctrination. Apparently they believe that only conservative Christians feel the need to protect their children from extreme ideologies. Not so.

Earlier this month, Muslim and Christian parents rallied to show their opposition to the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board forcing recognition of Pride month onto students.

Demonstrators accused leaders of indoctrination and siding with the mutilation of minors. The protests targeted three schools and denounced gender identity education in the system.

One Muslim mother told reporters that she did not want her children exposed to this teaching “because they are kids, not adults. They do not go to the school to learn about this stuff.”

Outraged parents chanted “leave our kids alone.” Canadian police separated the protesters from pro-LGBT counterdemonstrators. Authorities reported five arrests were made.

Another protestor blasted having kids taught these topics “that they’re not supposed to learn at this age. I’ve a brother in kindergarten who is learning about this stuff. This is not appropriate.”

Children are being taught in some schools to choose their own pronouns, and many concerned parents believe this sows confusion at a very young age.

The Canadian protests followed a similar uprising in Montgomery County, Maryland, where Muslim parents objected to curriculum changes about which they were not informed. The local system said it will change guidance to include gender identity lessons starting in pre-kindergarten.

And last October, Muslim parents in Dearborn, Michigan, expressed their outrage over students being given explicit materials in local schools. They were successful in having access to the objectionable books temporarily restricted.

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