Biden’s Feds Open Barrier Placed By Texas Authorities To Let Illegals Into US

Conservatives are outraged after a video went viral showing President Joe Biden’s Border Patrol agents cutting through razor wire — which was placed on the southern border by Texas law enforcement officials — to let illegal aliens into the country.

The video was shared on Twitter by Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, who pointed out an even more egregious fact about the incident — the razor wire that the federal agents cut was on private property, according to Texas Department of Public Safety officials.

“Video from source in Eagle Pass shows Border Patrol cutting through razor wire placed by the state of TX to allow migrants to enter & be processed after crossing illegally,” Melugin tweeted.

The Fox News reporter went on to note that he spoke with the Texas Department of Public Safety, which told him that “this is the first time they know of this happening, and that it’s being looked into for potential destruction of TX property.”

Melugin also pointed out the difference in tactics between the Biden administration’s open borders policies and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) actions to secure the border.

“The federal government’s position is that once migrants are on U.S. soil, under U.S. law, they need to be processed, and cannot be repelled or turned away,” he wrote. “Texas is taking a much different approach, and has been physically blocking migrants under orders from Governor @GregAbbott_TX . TXDPS tells me the location this video was shot at is private property, and that they have permission from the owner to lay down razor wire and arrest migrants for criminal trespassing.”

Melugin made sure to note that the Border Patrol agent seen in the video was “likely just doing what he’s been told – but this will likely lead to more friction between TX & the Feds, who have drastically different approaches at the border.”

In a follow-up tweet, Melugin shared a screenshot of a response to the video from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

“A CBP official tells me a Border Patrol boat encountered a group of migrants with several small children, and that in order to quickly apprehend them and get them out of the heat, a BP agent cut the razor wire to access the area ‘consistent w/ federal law,’” Melugin tweeted.

Conservatives responded to the video on Twitter, with some even arguing that Texas should charge the Border Patrol agent with “human trafficking” to put an end to this behavior.

“Entering private property to assist with people breaking the law seems inappropriate and illegal. Since when can federal authorities trespass on private property absent a warrant,” wrote another Twitter user.

“Simply put the Sheriff of that county or Texas State Troopers needs to arrest that Border Patrol agent for destruction of State Property. Additionally a visit to the homeowner is in order to understand what “permission” has been granted to a federal agent and explain to them that arresting them means they are coming into America. Texas needs to continue this act of physically blocking the migrants,” another Twitter user replied.

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