Biden’s ATF Criminalizes 29 Million Gun Owners

In a nationwide resistance movement, the overwhelming majority of gun owners targeted by President Joe Biden have chosen to defy the administration’s expansive regulations on one of the most widely owned firearms in the country.

Only a small minority, estimated to be between 0.6% and 1%, of AR-15-style pistol owners have complied with the May 31 deadline set by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) to register their firearms.

Those who fail to do so face severe consequences, including the potential of a 10-year prison sentence, a $10,000 fine, or both. The new rule by the ATF specifically targets AR-15-style pistols, which lack a traditional stock and have shorter barrels and overall lengths compared to standard rifles.

While the ATF previously acknowledged the legality of AR-15-style pistols equipped with arm braces, the Biden administration has chosen to regulate them regardless. This decision has sparked criticism from Republican Chairman Jim Jordan, who accused the ATF of contradicting their previous stance and turning owners of pistol brace devices into felons overnight.

As the June 1 deadline passed, millions of pistol braces were required to be detached, registered, or destroyed. The ATF has received 255,162 applications for tax-free registration, according to spokesperson Erik Longnecker.

However, considering the estimated number of guns in circulation, approximately 29 million gun owners are potentially committing felonies by not complying. The new regulations impose a $200 tax and require owners to submit fingerprints. In an attempt to incentivize registration, the ATF temporarily waived the tax until May 31.

However, the majority of owners have chosen to take their chances, hoping for a reversal of the ATF and Biden’s decision through legal means. Resistance to gun registration is not surprising, as historically, Americans have been hesitant to register their firearms, especially those they already own.

This movement marks the largest pro-gun protest in history, surpassing compliance rates seen in previous instances, such as the registration of AR-15-style rifles and pistols in New York and Connecticut.

Several courts have issued injunctions that effectively halted enforcement, at least for the plaintiffs in successful lawsuits. Legal challenges are likely to reach the Supreme Court and Congress is also involved, with a scheduled House vote to block the ATF’s rule.

Given the agency’s history of changing positions and dishonesty, gun owners are reluctant to provide information about their firearms. The refusal to register AR-15-style pistols is a significant act of protest, potentially leading to legal battles over the Second Amendment in the near future.

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