Biden Expected To Request $100 Billion Aid Package For Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan

President Joe Biden traveled to Israel on October 17 to meet with Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu. At a press conference during the visit, Biden pledged he would seek an aid package totaling $100 billion to support Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan. Biden is expected to combine the aid packages together to avoid conflicts with House Republicans.

A major roadblock to getting any aid package approved is the current deadlock between Republicans who have been unable to select a new speaker following the vote to remove former Speaker Kevin McCarthy. The House is responsible for initiating all spending bills in Congress and cannot bring any legislation to the House floor for a vote until a speaker is selected.

The U.S. has spent more than $100 billion in aid to Ukraine, which has been actively engaged in a war with Russia since February 2022, when Russian forces invaded the sovereign nation. Despite allegations of rampant fraud and waste, the U.S. has continued to supply Ukraine in its efforts to prevent annihilation.

Much of the aid that has gone to Ukraine has been surplus military equipment, some of which dates from the Cold War. U.S. forces have also provided precision-guided missiles, ammunition, and equipment that includes transport vehicles and tanks. Some of the aid has been used for training Ukrainian troops to operate and maintain equipment the U.S. provides.

Taiwan is a long-time ally of the U.S. and a key part of the global financial infrastructure. China has long held that Taiwan is part of the Communist country, but has allowed autonomous governance. Increasingly, Chinese officials are threatening to invade and conquer Taiwan, particularly after China and Russia opened trade between the two countries.

Russia causes a similar problem for the U.S. in Israel due to alliances with Muslim-led countries that are opposed to the existence of Israel. Iran, backed by Russia, has threatened nuclear war should Israel attempt to eradicate terrorists in Gaza in retaliation for the deadliest terrorist attack outside of the U.S. in decades.

The conflicts in Taiwan, Israel, and Ukraine date from the consequences of World War II and have been an ongoing problem for world leaders ever since. Israel was created in 1948 by a coalition of Allied countries from territory held by Great Britain, while Taiwan was a hold-out after China fell to Communist forces in 1949. Taiwan was created by Republican forces fleeing the Communist government that same year. Ukraine was held as a Soviet bloc country until declaring independence in 1991, an act that directly led to the fall of the Soviet Union.

The proposed aid package also aims to tackle domestic issues as a result of the Biden administration’s steadfast refusal to address rampant illegal immigration. Though there is no indication funds will be used to secure the border, at least a portion of the money requested is aimed at propping up sanctuary cities that are overwhelmed by small numbers of illegal immigrants that have come in recent years.

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