Behar Offers Bizarre Defense For Biden’s Classified Documents Scandal

Even as the Biden administration is embroiled in controversy, ABC’s “The View” offered a great insight on the double standard operated by the left and its media allies.

Host Joy Behar on Tuesday chimed in on the discovery of classified documents from Biden’s vice presidency discovered at a think tank affiliated with the now-president. And what she had to say was revealing.

The host declared that there are differences between the documents former President Donald Trump held that spawned an FBI raid and those recently revealed concerning the current occupant of the White House.

Never mind that Biden has now been found to have his own classified documents. That’s not important.

Her twisted reasoning? Behar told the cheering audience that “we all know that Trump is a liar and a thief, you know, we know that.” In that case, she concluded, “it’s not a big jump to say he obstructed and he lied.”

The double standard continued. Behar then asserted that “we” don’t believe that Biden is likewise a liar and thief, so he gets “the benefit of the doubt.” That, explained in her simplistic way, is the very definition of a double standard.

On the one hand, this political leader “we” don’t like must be publicly crucified and raided like a cartel kingpin under the cover of darkness. This other person, who believes the way “we” do, is afforded all courtesy and allowed to explain away what amounts to the same infraction.

Though it’s not the same when factoring in the fact that the president — and not the vice president — has the authority to declassify documents.

Behar continued to lay blame on Trump, claiming that “the lying has been so invasive.”

Just as the former president had been persecuted, some in Congress prefer to apply the same standard to the current officeholder. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland asking about the “disparate treatment” between the two presidents.

He noted that no such raid has been carried out at Biden’s think tank.

Even CNN has difficulty reconciling the disparity between reactions to the two situations.

Network analyst John Miller on “CNN This Morning” observed that if a purely legalistic approach is taken, charging Trump for violations of handling classified documents is now “almost impossible.” Of course, under the Biden administration, anything negative towards Trump is very possible.

Double standards exist, but it is rare to see the left so readily admit to them. Behar simply said what Democrats believe — if it involved Trump, it must be dishonest and is therefore prosecutable. But if the misstep was made by one of their own, then that person is worthy of the benefit of the doubt.

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